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Our Mission

The FTB family really strives to have well-rounded young men. When we are looking to fill our program, we feel being talented on the field is just one of the desired qualities. With a player’s great attitude, outstanding character and impressive academics, combined with our countless collegiate connections, it is our goal for FTB Mid-Atlantic to assist the student-athlete with the opportunity to continue his career at the collegiate level or beyond.

With your talent, our brand, and a proven recruiting program, FTB Mid-Atlantic will optimize your baseball opportunities.

Now is the time to become part of the FTB family.   


FTB Fan Gear

College and Pro Scouts lined up at Winter Camp

College and Pro Scouts lined up at Winter Camp

2019 Captain Nate Beal-UPENN (right) Pictured with 2018 Captain Bryce Frederick-Radford and FTB Mid Atlantic President Matt Darnell


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